Please read before contacting:

I do not onboard new clients from December 1st through April 30th.

While the intro meeting has no fee I do charge for services including, but not limited to:

  • My hourly Tax advising and planning rate is $200 per hour with a $100 minimum. The tax preparation fee covers one hour of tax advising outside of tax filing season.
  • New clients for for current year tax preparation (tax year 2024, filed in 2025) are charged an onboarding fee, either 20% of what their 2023 return prep fee would have been if I had prepared it or 20% of their projected 2024 tax return fee, whichever is higher. The onboarding fee is waived if I prepare a 2023 tax return or amendment.
  • Clients for tax preparation (including amendments) are charged a 20% retainer when the engagement letter is signed. This is based on the projected return price and will be applied as a credit to their final return prep fee. That retainer is not refundable. New clients will have the onboarding fee AND the retainer charged if it the engagement includes current year tax preparation.
  • Many of my fees can be found on my fee schedule.

Please schedule a free intro appointment to see if we are a good fit.