Why seek financial counseling or coaching? Because you are a ready for a change or maybe you are in a time of transition and could use some guidance. I’ve been in the financial counseling and coaching field for well over a decade. I shifted my focus to two specific areas that I am passionate about.

Military Landlord coaching. Sometimes becoming a military landlord is planned, sometimes it happens because it seems to be the best of the choices available. Either way I can help with that transition for you, as I’ve helped many others. My focus is the financial aspects (and taxes of course), but also some operational guidance. My focus is with new or relatively new landlords and those with no more than 3 or 4 properties. A big part of what I help with is staying out of trouble.

Virtual tax professional business owner coaching. Starting a business and getting a business operating the way you want can be daunting. I provide business and financial coaching for tax pros building a virtual tax pro business. I can help you through obstacles and to avoid practice management mistakes.