Fee Schedule for Tax Preparation Starting October 18, 2022

BASIC FEE (form 1040 and 1040SR)

up to 4 W-2s
Itemized Deductions (Sched A)
+ $50
(Sched A)
Investment Income (Sched B)
+ $30
(interest and dividends)
Small Business Income + $130
(Sched C)-includes Sch SE
Capital Gains Income (Sched D)+ $55
up to 3 1099B forms or other sources
Schedule EIC+ $50
(Earned Income Credit)
Rental Property Income+ $85
(Sched E pg 1) (1 property)
Additional Rental Properties+ $50
Setup fee of for each new rental after the first
Trust, Estate, Partnership income+ $50
(Sched E, pg. 2)
Education Credits (Form 8863)+ $25
Schedule H (Domestic Employee)+ $35
State Returns (with a federal return*)+ $50 (each state)
Local tax return+ $25
Sale of Business or Capital Assets+ $45
(4797 and 8949)up to 10 entries
Installment Sales (form 6252)+ $130 first year
1031 exchange 1 asset to 1 asset Form 8824
each additional asset+ $50
Change of Accounting Method+ $160
(form 3115)
Cancellation of Indebtedness+ $50
(form 982)
Foreign Tax Credit (> $600) + $30
(Form 1116)
Each Publicly Traded Partnership K-1+ $25
Business Use of Home+ $50
(Long Form 8829)
Foreign Earned Income Exclusion+ $60
(Form 2555)
Form 3903 (Moving Expenses) + $25
Extension of time to file + $45
Paper filing + $35
1040X (Prior Year Amendments) starting at $130
S corp and Partnership Returnsstarts at $550
Forms 1120-S and 1065
Bookkeeping/ Excess Organizing $75/ .5 hrs.
of Tax source data
Representation and Planning Services:
One hour included in tax prep fee good for the remainder of the year.
Gold Tax Consulting Plan$300
must be purchased when filing tax return covers up to 5 hours
planning/consulting – for remainder of year
tax resolution & audit services – for life of return
Platinum Tax Consulting Plan$500
must be purchased when filing tax returncovers up to 10 hours
planning/consulting – for remainder of year
tax resolution & audit services – for life of return
Respond to a letter/noticestarts at $100
(not related to my work)
IRS/State calls (not related to my work) $150 per hour, $75 minimum
Examination (Audit) Assistance **starts at $500
+ $200 per hour if over 3 hours
Tax Planning & Strategy & Consulting$150 per hour, $75 minimum

*State returns without a federal return are $110

**Current clients only.

Fees shown are good through the 2022 tax season are based on the most common types of tax returns. Your unique situation may require additional forms and filing fees.

Federal and State e-file is free with every current year return.