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How is Social Security taxed?

You’d think it would be simple. Either social security is taxed or it isn’t, right? Well it isn’t quite that simple. In some cases it isn’t taxed, in some cases part of it is taxed, and in some cases almost all of it is taxed. Read about social security and taxes in this article I …

Tax breaks that are ending

Nearly every year some tax breaks go away. 2021 is the last year for some tax breaks. Actually, 2021 is special in that it is the only year for some tax breaks. Read about the ending tax breaks here.

When can I deduct travel expenses?

Unfortunately under current law there are more limited opportunities for to deduct travel expenses. But for the taxpayers that qualify, this can provide substantial tax savings. You can read about deducting travel expenses here.

Big 2021 Changes for the Child and Dependent Care Credit.

In my view the Child and Dependent Care Credit 2021 changes didn’t get as much media coverage as they deserved. Perhaps the focus on the Advance Child Tax Credit Payments overshadowed the Child and Dependent Care Credit changes. For some taxpayers the Child and Dependent Care Credit will actually have a bigger impact on their …

Tax Tips for Gig Workers.

New gig workers and self employed individuals can be surprised by the increased complexity of their tax returns. Sometimes understanding the changes are difficult. Here are a few tax tips for gig workers and the self employed.

What Should I do when my Tax Refund is Late?

Many taxpayers have experienced the frustration of a tax refund taking longer to reach us than we would like. Most taxpayers do receive their refunds within 21 days. And some delays are relatively normal. But what if it is simply taking too long, what should you do? You can get some tips by reading here.

How do I Avoid Tax Scams?

Unfortunately tax scams and tax identity thieves are out there. But you are not defenseless. There are some smart actions you take to reduce your risk. You can read about these actions here.