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The Military Landlord Series #2: Choosing a tax professional.

Often as a taxpayer’s tax situation gets more complicated it starts to make more sense to hire a tax professional. Most people I”ve known who do their own tax prep don’t reference IRS publications and instructions very often and certainly not the tax code directly. But that is what due diligence requires to ensure the …

How is Social Security taxed?

You’d think it would be simple. Either social security is taxed or it isn’t, right? Well it isn’t quite that simple. In some cases it isn’t taxed, in some cases part of it is taxed, and in some cases almost all of it is taxed. Read about social security and taxes in this article I …

Tax breaks that are ending

Nearly every year some tax breaks go away. 2021 is the last year for some tax breaks. Actually, 2021 is special in that it is the only year for some tax breaks. Read about the ending tax breaks here.