Will I Get a 1099-K and If I Do, What Should I Do With a 1099-K?

There was a change in 1099-K reporting that requires third party payment networks (Paypal, Venmo, etc…) to report transactions for goods or sevices on a 1099-K if they add up to $600 or more for the year. That lower requirement can apply in other cases as well. The 1099-K would go to the recipient of the funds and of course to the IRS. The previous requirement was $20,000 AND 200 transactions. Implementation of this requirement has been delayed. However, some taxpayers may still receive a 1099-K who has not received one before. I wrote an article on how to deal with a 1099-k when received. You can find that here: https://themilitarywallet.com/navigating-the-1099-k-mess/

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