Should I Choose a Virtual Tax Preparer?

Yes, I am a bit biased on this topic. So I won’t just tell you why a virtual tax preparer may be a good choice for you, I’ll share 5 reasons to choose me as your Virtual Tax Preparer:

  1. Your Convenience. You can provide documents at your convenience and from anywhere. You’ll have all your tax documents and tax return forms electronically for easy storage. Most of my client video and phone meetings are in evenings and weekends.
  1. Confidence. Confidence that your tax return is prepared and filed correctly. Confidence that I will answer your questions and explain the results of your tax return to your satisfaction. You’ll know who is preparing your tax return, since I am the only one that prepares tax returns for my firm.
  1. Expertise. As an Enrolled Agent, I have annual education requirements. Every year I exceed those requirements. With over 13 years of experience in tax preparation I know that I have to keep up with changes in tax laws. No one can know everything in the tax codes, so I also know when and how to research to get the right answers. Your taxes aren’t the place to make assumptions and guesses. 
  1. Availability. I am available year round. If you need some help with tax planning in the summer, I”m available. If you have a question about setting your tax withholding for your job, I”m available. 
  1. Representation and Resolution Services. If you need help with IRS inquiries and letters or audits, as an Enrolled Agent I can be helpful with those matters. I have earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the IRS. Having a tax professional who can do this is when you truly have a full service tax service. 

As a tax professional providing my clients tax services that accurately, ethically, and legally minimize their tax liability is my focus and responsibility. I provide those tax services at an affordable price and you can look at my fee schedule here. When you are ready to talk taxes with me please schedule an appointment. 

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