Getting up to Speed on 2021 Taxes

The 2022 Tax Season (for filing 2021 tax returns) is ramping up soon. Most people don’t spend every day thinking about taxes. Fortunately there is time to get up to speed on 2021 tax returns and on refreshing your tax knowledge.

I have been writing tax articles for a non-profit called SaverLife. Many of the articles have been included in a Tax Guide they have kindly provided for taxpayers. It is full of information about tax filing and resources. It also provides some update unique for tax year 2021.

You could also get caught up by reviewing News Releases found in the IRS Newsroom. However, the Tax Guide and following this blog may be easier ways to keep up to date and refresh knowledge.

Taxes can be complicated and time consuming. If you’d like help filing and preparing your taxes you can schedule an appointment here.

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