Whether you are looking for affordable tax planning and tax preparation or to better your finances, you have come to a good place. JZ Financial Management is owned and operated by Jerry Zeigler an Accredited Financial Counselor®, an Enrolled Agent, and a US Navy veteran. He has been tax planning and preparation since 2011. He has been in the personal finance field since 2010.

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Why seek financial counseling? Because you want a change and you are ready to make it happen. Because you would like some guidance for reaching your financial goals. Because you have some questions and you want someone experienced and trained to help with them. I am an Accredited Financial Counselor® and I help people with personal finances in some different ways. I can help you figure out solutions to an immediate financial concern. I can assist with sorting through competing financial priorities, with budgeting, and in determining the right path forward. I can be your partner in navigating that path. I don't sell financial products like insurance or investments. I don't provide investment advice. I am a member of the Better Financial Counseling Network and we focus on Better Finances for Better Living.


As an Enrolled Agent, the highest credential the IRS awards, I have the expertise to prepare your tax returns properly. If you are looking for affordable tax preparation, tax consulting, or tax planning-all done remotely, you in the comfort of your home or while on a road trip- this is the place. I am experienced with preparing tax returns for states all across America. I'm also familiar with preparing returns for multiple states, more than one state for the same taxpayer. I have considerable experience with tax prep for military families. I enjoy making sure taxpayers pay only the income taxes that they are legally required to pay. I enjoy researching and problem solving with tax issues and doing tax planning. If you don't enjoy dealing with taxes-give me the documents and info and I'll make it as painless as possible. But if you want to understand more than just the results, I am happy provide some information and education.

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Military Landlord Series # 13: What happens with passive losses?

Residential rental property is usually considered a passive activity from a tax perspective (there are exceptions). This means if the activity generates losses, the losses are passive losses. Passive losses usually can only be used to offset passive income. If you have one rental property that makes a $5000 taxable profit and another that has …

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Time to End Your Inactive LLC

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) was signed into law in 2020 and goes into effect in 2024. The CTA has a new reporting requirement to the US Treasury Department. I plan on helping clients file their CTA reports. The reporting will be through FinCEN, likely similar to how foreign accounts are reported to FinCEN. Who? …

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